Teaching Metodology


An initiative for better synchronized integrated study from normal schooling and coaching to bringing school and coaching together by learning, learning and spiritual learning.

Modern Education

Education is not a mean to earn a living but to be qualified enough to contribute to world with a decent career. The traditional education system has to be redefined to impart the actual values of an educated being. The values of Modern education encampuses all prerequisite of modern world professional.
Knowledge - Profound understanding of the concepts & their real life application
Leadership – Acquire essential qualities of inspiring others towards a Noble Ambition, understanding of responsibilities and skills to use the power that benefits all.
Curiosity – Enhances the questioning abilities, improving learning abilities, generating the skills of analyzing things in detail.
Creativity – Boost the hidden skills, out of the box thinking abilities to bring imagination into reality and gain expertise in technicalities.
Dynamism – Being proactive, acquiring self-confidence, motivating oneself & the team along with sincerity & discipline.

Traditional Education

Transforming the lives of the students from the very beginning by imparting the knowledge with the real essence of values & morals extracted from Ancient Indian culture transforming the life of a student into a happy & joyful journey. Imparting Sadvidya helps a student to develop…
Integrity – The quality of being prudent by Intention, Attitude, behaviour & action. Develops good source for dwelling the qualities like truthfulness, honesty, positive attitude, and moral practices.
Gratefulness – Having gratitude & being respectful towards – God, Saints, Parents, Elders & Natural Resources – every person & thing that is part of our ecosystem.
*Free from Bad Habit*s – Developing strong mindset & barrier to prohibit bad habits like insulting, smoking, drinking, drugs or addiction, adultery, gambling or any future bad habits.
Empathy – To not just know the pain & emotion of others but also feel, care & act to the best at the same time.
Non-violence – Every living being is part of moral fabric, Nobody can seize their right to live for one’s own benefit. Thus, being kind to the all living beings is the fundamental duty of every human being.

Spiritual Education

Generally, spirituality is considered as a matter of belief. Well, this is a misconception, the spirituality is actually the experience of the almighty. Bhagwat Geeta values, the practices defined by eternal vedas and Supreme Lord Shree Krishana lead us to this amazing enlightenment of realization of self and the almighty god.
Affection with Saintly Person – Having strong emotional bond & unconditional affection with real Saints & Devotees of God and willingness to serve them.
Faith – Having strong conviction & faith in Spiritual Scriptures & God as ultimate existence and shelter for souls.
Devotion – Having immense love & affection for God with the devotional practices like chanting god’s name, listening to glories lila of God, singing kirtans, prayer, and service to God.
Atmanistha – Realizing oneself as mere Soul, detached from the body, as a humble Sevak of God.
Non-attachment – Developing a wisdom of detachment from materialistic objects and pursuits of woman, wealth, fame etc that are obtrusive to devotion of God.
Realization of God – Experiencing & feeling the blissful & divine form of God in reality