Hostel Boys & Girls

It has a separate hostel for Boys and Girls Students, AC and Attached Washroom is provided in all the rooms, apart from this many facilities are also provided which is very important.

Library & Reading Hall

Students have been set up library and reading hall here for self-study so that they can study in peace.

Well Equipped Labs

Here, a well-equipped lab with latest technology has been prepared for students' practice and all departments.

Individual Doubt Solving Counter

For clearing any subject matter of students, there is also a provision of individual doubt solving counter, where each subject's specialist clears the students' doubt.

Language Lab

In order to make the students' perfect language, a computerized English language lab is set up here, where students learn basic and advanced English communication.

Workshops On Family Values System

If we talk about sanskars, then in Gita Gurukul, the students are seriously discussed about the sanskar with the work of exposing Indian culture so that students feel proud of being Indian.

Sports & Yoga

According to the interest of the students, many game facilities are provided here. Keeping in mind the health, there is also a center, swimming pool and aerobic hall.


If you look at the environment, then Geeta Gurukul Karnal has academy block in the city of Jundla in a smart city and hostels are in Karnal which is pollution free.

Stress Free Result Producing System

As we know that students come from Karnal and Panipat to make their future where schooling is done from elsewhere and for coaching, other time and energy is wasted and stress levels also increase. Is

Better Time Utility

In normal coaching and schooling, most of the time and energy of the child is spoiled from one place to another, due to which the self-study is effected and the chances of results deteriorate also increase.

Less Expensive

There is more expense in normal schooling and coaching because in this, student schooling is in one place, coaching is in another place and lives somewhere else, in which parents also have to bear the expenses separately.

Zero Distractions By Modern Gadgets

Students get many benefits in one place, so that students do not get stressed and do not have to go anywhere and there are no chances of going astray or getting distracted in the school's Synchronized Integrated Coaching System because the closed campus due to the child's limit strength. I watch 24 hours

No Access To Social Media

In most schools, it is seen that the use of mobiles is forced, so that students and parents stay in the right place, but in Geeta Gurukul, this feature has been denied. This feature is strictly denied due to

Safety or Hyzenic Food

Keeping in mind the health of the children, health food is used in the Gita Gurukul, in today's modern era, Junk food is being used more and more of these types of dishes are banned in Gita Gurukul and pure food like home is given to the students. Is

Pollution Free Refreshing Environment

Due to less space in most schools and coaching institutes, sports facilities are not seen and pollution is also seen, due to which the health of the child is affected and the chances of being successful are reduced, as we It is known that the Healthy Mind is inhabited by the Healthy Body with separate acres of land from the Geeta Gurukul Hostel with cricket, volleyball, swimming pool, gym and others. Sports facilities.

Character Building Through Spiritual Classes

From time to time, students will be given spiritual classes by Gurudev for creating character, by Geeta Gurukul, through which students can build their future.

High Success Rate

Due to big batch size and time and energy waste in normal coaching and school, the success rate is only 5 to 10% and 90% 95% of the children are lost in the crowd, which is a very sad experience for the parents. Send to see successful away from yourself, Geeta Gurukul takes great care of this feeling, so due to the rest of the free environment and small batch size, personal care posi Force remains and success rate is also 100%

Mix Of Traditional & Modern Education System

An initiative for better synchronized integrated study from normal schooling and coaching to bringing school and coaching together by learning, learning and spiritual learning.