Message By Chairman

Dr. M C Kashyap

Importance of Spiritual Education

Modern education system has changed the world from technological and scientific point of view, but despite this, the importance of spiritual and Gurukul education is still very high. Spiritual education has guided a person in search of his soul. Peace and solace of soul is important to achieve lasting happiness and success in modern life. Spiritual education helps a person in acquiring moral values ​​and provides courage to follow the right path in the society. The basic objective of Gurukul education is to make students good citizens with prosperity and social responsibility. This education system makes the student aware for holistic development in the fields of health, education, and arts. The integration of spiritual and Gurukul education in modern education is also important in the fields of science, technology, and business. It not only makes the students the leader in learning but also helps in enriching them from spiritual point of view. Modern education system along with spiritual and Gurukul education helps in strengthening the intellect of prosperity, social harmony, and moral values. Through this, students not only acquire scientific knowledge, but they also gain the ability to understand the depths of their soul. Ultimately, the integration of spirituality and Gurukul education in modern education provides a rich and balanced education system, which not only provides students with success in the external world but also gives them the ability to live a balanced life with the soul.